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"Некоторые группы не знают, что им делать, и они платят по тысяче фунтов продюсеру, чтобы он сделал им хорошую пластинку. Но это же чепуха"

Аарон Стейнторп

A Cruel Taste Of Winter

Walk with, with me. I'll be your Shadow God

For now, just now. Give your life to me

Your hope, your hope. I feel its steady hand

Your heart, your fear. Take off and flee

Trust me, just me. I'll catch you if you fall

My arms run deep. Run unto my call

I'll lead you into danger

And all that troubles man

I'll lead you far from hunger

Just take my frozen hand

You'll want the world to praise you

And gather at your feet

You'll want my blinding light

And my searing heat

I will lift you above their crying world

Into your heart comes the love of fear

You vanity, your sanctity

Your kindless heart

Your reverance. Your ignorance

Your black uncaring eyes

No sumpathy for humanity. Bleak horror

The genocide, the parasites

The kingdom of the ghost

At one with fear

Careless if you fall

Beneath the earth

Your heart may feel the call

Can't let your mind be tainted

By the praying men

Divinity burns in thunder

Over again

Eventide. By your side

All things because of you

Fantasize. At my side.

The lonely, the few

God above. Lord and love.

It's fools love

heart of fire.

Lord and liar don't falter

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