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"Все мы бываем мрачными и депрессивными иногда, и, возможно, мне это состояние присуще немного больше, чем остальным. И когда я пребываю в таком состоянии, то рисую или сочиняю короткие рассказы или стихи, или пишу лирику для My Dying Bride"

Аарон Стейнторп

The Deepest Of All Hearts

Your soul is my desire. Desire I can't control

Be still my aching heart. Each beat you have stole

Your mind calls to me. Calls me closer to you

Be calm my aching heart. The ache drives me to you

Your eyes. The depth I see. So deep

The tears you cry will devour me

A flower to behold

Don't run. Don't blow away

Breathless to my eyes

So bright. Never to fade

Calmness and mystery

Entwines and captivates me

Delicate to the touch

From what I could see

I only wanted to get you close to me

To feel the love inside of me

You turned away from me

You looked the other way

You didn't see my tears for you

I only wanted to take you in my arms,

And lay you down here with me

You tried to turn and flee from my side

You tore out the heart of me

If only you had stayed. What may have been?

We could have been beautiful

Could have walked the earth, flown into the skies,

Swam the deepest of the seas

But you couldn't see anything in me

You strayed too far from my path

Maybe now you'll see everything in me

I'm sorry it had to be this way

Your eyes. Your smile

No more laughter again

We were something

No more. Nothing to me

Walk alone. Naked to the bone

My heart has fled far from me

Until another day. I find t:he one,

Who looks beyond the eyes in me

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