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"Прослушивание наших песен – это деяние очень поднимающее настроение!"

Аарон Стейнторп

Two Winters Only

What is it you hope for, even though you are dying?

And even though life is closing your tiny eyes

Why did I leave them all?

I should be with them to die in the same place

The pain I think, should go on forever. For always

But no. Not mine. Not now. My life now begins

Call me what you will, but I'll die for no man, at all

My limbs and the life that spreads from them

Cross my path and you'll suffer like no man before, at all

What I hunger for, is the trial of God

For just two winters only did we live for

My God. What have you become? Dear, dear lord

We could have changed the world, had you been here with me.

Right now

Held you in my arms. In my arms, my love

Jesus wept so man could live forever on earth. In peace

But my tears. They fall for you. Only you

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