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  • Суббота, 22 июня 2013 - Hellfest
  • Суббота, 13 июля 2013 - Seven Festival
  • Пятница, 26 июля 2013 - Metaldays, Tolmin, Slovenia
Цитата группы

"Я на сцене расслабляюсь, и просто играю"

Эндрю Крэйган

Vast Choirs

Burdens of grief that weigh against me

Aid my tired eyes in their search for pitch

Your kinds heart now pines

For whom the gods love dies young

Wrapped and confounded in a thousand fears

The sadness I present, smiles with tears

Where once I'd loved now lied forlorn beauty

And wars abhorred by mothers

No man lives so poor as he was born

We don't remember pure sensations

Gaze peacefully into the past

I am dust , and to dust I shall return

Belial, Mephisto, both shall burn me up

Devour my sad whimperings

The cutting whip is mine to feel

No symphony in mind to colour my dreams

Poena damni

Sorrow everywhere

Please pray for me

When deep sleep falls on men

Father hold me

I am yours to bear

Ad te

In the play which he has written for the world

Night is the mother of sleep

Old age is a malady of which one dies

Augury of a better age

Sages as far as the beard

Their wounds smelled so sweetly

Temptation, the father of my lust

Chalcedony shines like the new born

Stricken I'd raise my dripping limbs

Splendid was the innocentcs fall

Laugh to scorn would our foe

Amid wars laws are silent

Drop by drop in sleep upon the heart

Falls the labrious memory of pain

In the rich upheavel of vast choirs

Death shall flee from me

Misericordium et judicium

Adhoest pavimento

AD te levavi ocolus meos

Verba mea auribus

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